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City Centre (CBD), Harare, Zimbabwe, Harare


City Centre (CBD), Harare, Zimbabwe


Don't let sweat, discomfort and bad odours get in the way of your shine and confidence anymore cause I've got your back with our best products that cater for your needs to look and smell good!
Scented and non scented feminine wash along side free baby wipes to carry along
Various scents of our shower gels, bubbles baths and body wash
Our beautifully scented spritz, perfumes and deodorants
Our 48hr protective roll ons work wonders for heavy work or even working out!
Get your bikini skin shimmer and glow with our moisturizing and softening body creams, hand creams, sun screen creams and soft skin products!
Who said if you're dark skinned there's no need to apply sun screen......protect your skin with jealousy!

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